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BeeRaider delivers quality innovative keyboard products for the purpose of efficient data-entry using its patented Radial Keyboard design. Our keyboard products are available in two layouts, QWERTY and Optimised. Our innovative Optimised Radial Keyboard design is primarily aimed at untrained computer keyboard users, which would be the vast majority of keyboard users today. Its design offers these users the means by which they can greatly improve their typing speed and efficiency over a relatively short period of time, leading to increased work productivity.

Our Products

BeeRaider's products are available in both physical and touch-screen formats. Our latest product offering comes as a desktop 2.4 GHz wireless PC keyboard and mouse combo set, primarily for use with WinTel devices. Our touch-screen product is an Android Keyboard App and it operates best on Android Tablets and larger Smart-phone devices. We plan on extending and improving our range of product offerings and we welcome your feedback. Read more ...

Design Philosophy

BeeRaider has chosen to take a radically different approach to its Radial Keyboard design. This choice to be different is not one which has been made just for the sake of being seen to be different. The differences in our product design are the outcome of a long and deliberate process of ensuring that the end result was the best it could be. Read more ...

Training and Support

We are confident that those using our products and tutorials will quickly see improvements in their keyboarding skills. Test indications for our Optimised Keyboard show that those users applying themselves should be capable of approaching their QWERTY data-entry speed in about two to three days. Further marked improvement in typing-speed will occur as time passes when the user's familiarity and finger-muscle-memory begin to fully develop. Read more ...

Get the App or Keyboard

Our Android Keyboard App is currently available for download from the Google Play store and we're planning to release our first physical keyboard to market in the fourth quarter of 2015. This keyboard will be available in both QWERTY and Optimised layouts. You can even pre-order your hardware keyboard right now - so let's get started!